History of the MAC

Torquay Theatre Troupe Inc. began its approaches to local government many years ago and has been constantly urging the Shire to dedicate funds and/or resources to a physical space in Torquay for performing arts rehearsals and performances.

Over the last two years (2018-2019) the movement gained momentum with favourable consultants’ reports and theatre designs that kept the Arts on Council’s Agenda and coincided with the impending availability of the sport and recreation centre in Beach Road.

With further community support and contributions from a range of supportive artists, Councillors, media outlets and community individuals, Council (in July 2019) agreed that if a Multidisciplinary Arts Collective could produce a governance and management strategy for the venue and prove that it is financially feasible and used by community artists, then a lease agreement for use of the Facility could be signed. This would give access to the governing Board near the start of 2021 with a view to establishing the space ready for use in early / mid 2021.

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